LZ 131 Von Richthofen

Axis Zepplin Base


The LZ 131 Von Richthofen is a Hindenburg-class Zeppelin. After the Hindenburg disaster, it became apparent to everyone that a giant hydrogen balloon was a deathtrap, not a vehicle. The Von Richthofen was already under construction at the time and allowed to continue as a temporary flying base until a more stable replacement can be made.

The Von Richthofen still has traces of its luxurious beginnings and is a conveyance suitable for an epic villain.

(GM Notes: The Zeppelins are a unique aspect of the World War II era and too odd to be ignored. The advantage of a Zeppelin is to be a classic ‘Bond’ base, the very essence of luxury until it goes up in a big boom. Historically, there was no LZ 131, the production line ended with the LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin which Goering scrapped in 1940. But the Zeppelins are too iconic to pass up. The fictional LZ 131 is named after the Red Baron).

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LZ 131 Von Richthofen

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