Liberty Clipper

Pan Am Transatlantic Seaplane


The Pan Am Clippers were transatlantic seaplanes meant to carry passengers in luxury across the ocean. The Clippers only lasted about a decade, their Atlantic routes were cancelled with the onset of World War II. After the War, the Boeing 314’s were replaced by more advanced seaplanes and then jets.

With the increase in technology, air travel began to be mundane. The luxury and class of the Clippers become a memory of an all-to-brief age of Flight that we are not likely to see again.

I’ve chosen to use a Clipper in this game as the plane is both an excellent base, vehicle and moodsetter for a particular place and time.

There was no Clipper named the ‘Liberty Clipper.’ It is a fictional creation for this game.

B 314 cutaway interior


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Liberty Clipper

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