Amy (Amelia) 'Ace' Catherine Eldridge

Yankee Scion of Columbia, skilled pilot



Physical Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 3
Social Charisma 5 Manipulation 4 Appearance 2
Mental Perception 3 Intelligence 3 Wits 3


Awareness 3
Ship 3
Pilot 3
Survival 3
Medicine 3

Brawl 1
Marksmanship 1
Thrown 1
Academics 1
Melee 1
Athletics 1
Presence 2
Politics 1

Epic Charisma 1 – Blessing of Importance
Epic Perception 1 – Subliminal Warning

Guardian 1
Industry 2
Psychopomp 2
Sun 1


Guide 2
Relic (Lady Liberty Cigarette Lighter; Guardian, Psychopomp & Sun purviews)

Conviction 4
Duty 3
Intellect 1
Valor 1

Willpower 7

Legend 2

Bonus Points spend to raise Legend to 3. 7 points
5 points to raise Sun to level 2 5 points
Duty raised to 4, which also increases Willpower to 8.


Amy has always been a tomboy, the only girl indulged by five older brothers and her father, a veteran of the Great War. Her mother died not long after she was born (so it seems, she doesn’t

seem to resemble her mother at all). Always adventurous, she has learned to help out on the boat of her family’s fishing business. She has a great talent for fixing the boat.

Her father had been a pilot in the Great War and spent what little money the Great Depression allowed on a Army Surplus Jenny which he and Amy used to make a little money a local

barnstormers. A bad turn and the plane crashed, crippling her dad and destroying the plane.

Wishing to fly, Amy can only find a job as a stewardess on a Pan-Am Clipper (and as a backup, backup, backup pilot). She is on the New York City – Southampton route recently started (and about to end) in the Summer of 1939.

Amy (Amelia) 'Ace' Catherine Eldridge

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